• Alice Bucknell, E-Z Kryptobuild, 2020

Alice Bucknell
E-Z Kryptobuild

Single-channel video (colour, sound), 23:30

E-Z Kryptobuild is a work of speculative fiction that responds to architecture’s role in producing systems of global inequity and the climate emergency. Here, a scam crypto company called E-Z Kryptobuild offers “post-apocalyptic sustainable luxury” to the 1% through a selection of celebrity architect-designed utopias for the end of times. Embodying a visual language of reality TV shows from Selling Sunset to Love Island, E-Z Kryptobuild uses satire, speculation and AI technology to exaggerate our current conditions through the architecture of post-apocalyptic lifestyle scams. It critiques the delusional complexes of Silicon Valley and starchitecture culture through a cast of characters including global influencers Kim and Kylie, a disgruntled intern and the resurrected ghost of Dame Zaha Hadid.

Alice Bucknell is a North American artist and writer based in London. Working primarily through game engines, she explores the intersections of architecture, ecology, magic, and non-human and machine intelligence. She is the organiser of New Mystics, a platform exploring magic, mysticism, ritual and technology.